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What You Are Saying About What Are Dreams Made Of?

"Fuel Your Imagination with a visit to Wonderhaven... What I love most about these CDs is the fact it combines so many different elements to stimulate the imagination. It's like curling up with your favorite book only the soundtrack is playing live. Sniderman's creativity is a breath of fresh air. For parents who want their kids to be intellectually stimulated and entertained without adding more screen time, I highly recommend Is Love A Fairy Tale? and What Are Dreams Made Of?"
Shadra, Moms Get Real 

"Our niece who is a tween has loved this mystical storyline. It's inspired her to be writing her own story line with music. She loves to sing and write, so this C.D had her really excited. I'm thinking AOEDE should continue her journeys, it could inspire young people everywhere to reach for the meaning of their dreams."
Gladys Parker

"What Are Dreams Made Of is a whimsical and magical story told through song, narration and characters all combined to make a wonderful story for tweens and teens. Done on a Cd your child will be swept up into a fairytale world where Aoede must explore the magical world of Wonderhaven. I must say I was immediately captivated by this CD as A lover of music, theater and fairy tales this was the most wonderful journey I took. Lead by my own imagination the story and music swept me up into a new world and I went on an amazing adventure. I highly recommend you buy this Cd. It would make for a wonderful bedtime story you can put the cd on and as your children drift off to dreamland they can dream of Aoede and Wonderhaven."
Rebecca Bryant

"The first thing that I noticed when I received my copy of Aoede’s “What Are Dreams Made Of?” was how absolutely gorgeous the cover is. I got so caught up in the concept of the cover that I had to open the CD and listen right away. At first “listen” the best way for me to describe this CD would be quirky; I’ve never heard anything like it before. The longer I listened I still found the overall concept of the storyline to be quirky but I also found it to be extremely calming. I also had my ten-year-old niece listen to the CD and she absolutely loved it. Aoede’s new CD is intended for tweens and teens. If there is a child in your life that is a fan of The Hobbit, Twilight, and movies of the like this CD would be the perfect gift for them!"
Angela Bowers

"We take a lot of long rides and this was perfect to just enjoy and look at the scenery along the way without hearing the radio! Sometimes you just get sick of hearing the same old song and something different is nice for a change. This is one of those cd's you can play over and over again for the family and you wouldn't get sick of it. It is also something to play when you want to just calm everyone down at home and think of what your listening to, gives the kids something to imagine and can easily get lost in a fantasy conversation afterwards. You may even find you can play it for the kids to relax before bedtime and they may even fall asleep while it is playing, thats how relaxing it is!"
Sue Garrison

"Very interesting but relaxing. Good amount of music and very calm and acoustic. Great music and my kids seemed to like the music. CD comes in a paper back cover, and very well done art on it.This is great for tweens or teens to help boost their self esteem and great for listening to at anytime and rated G or PG depending on your rating. I like the whole kingdom idea in it, with the goblins and gods pretty fun and addicting to listen to."
Tiffany Crooker

"The CD reminds me of the Labyrinth, Chronicles of Narnia, or the Never Ending Story, maybe Sharkboy and Lava Girl... Each chapter in the CD is short and I would recommend not shuffling the order. Let it play. The story is continuous. I liked the CD and can't wait to review is love a fairy tale?"
Stacie Wyatt

"I will be taking this with us on long trips in the car with the kids. This will be neat to have them listen to the story and sing along to the fun songs."
Junetta Sparks

"I love Mythology and I do like magic and fantasy, it's really worth a listen if you are interested in any of those three things. I would suggest if you have some long driving and you want something to intrigue your mind, acquire this CD when it comes out on Tuesday, I think you'll be happy you did. But be careful, if you like to envision what you're hearing, you have an active imagination, or get easily lost in fantasy... you may want to be the passenger because this story is very easy to envision scenes playing out in your head."
Sally Payette

"Monkey loves music, and he also loves books and stories. He was thrilled when I turned on "What Are Dreams Made Of?". Even though he is only 6, he enjoyed it just as much as I did. This cd story is very engaging and has a unique storyline. Monkey didn't truly understand the plot, but that didn't stop him from putting this cd in his player time and time again. With the holidays approaching, this is an item I would consider to be a great gift for any teen or young adult!"
Jessica Compton


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