PRESS RELEASE - What Are Dreams Made Of?

What You Are Saying About What Are Dreams Made Of?

"What a great project to create a cd about the power and meaning of dreams. Great concept,
well executed!"
Leticia Rodriguez

"I can see this really appearing to kids as you make it "mildly" frightening as it involves children and yet hopeful & magical."
Tito Uquillas

"Wow... I just listened. I have never heard anything like this. Very, very creative."
Jim Allchin

"All I can say is I love your album. I just listen and I can just tell how hard you worked on it. I really like
how you put all the different elements together. It's not just a music album. GREAT GREAT JOB!"
James Cravero

"I love the way the melodic voices would play with each other at times as a conversation... Overall,
the feel is great. The mix of dialog and music is just right, and when the songs kick in, they’re very good...
It will be exciting to see where you take this in the future... Thinking as a dad, this would be awesome for a road trip!"
Peter Apel

"Had a listen to your album already and it's one of the best things I've heard this season - congrats"
Wouter Kellerman

"Wonderful storytelling, beautifully integrated with the music and I loved the maturity and language of it all. It really treats kids like little grownups!"
Michael Lewin

"I still can't get over how cool your website is, by far my favorite of anyone's ! Great story telling too in all the tunes, excellent voiceover work!
Laurie Larson

"Like your last album, this is so creative. I love how your projects are filled with imagination.
They are not just music but more of an "experience"."
Vincente Avella

"your record is a breath of fresh air."
Marlow Rosado

"I just listened to your CD and it is an interesting concept.  The music is beautifully arranged.
You should be feeling proud of the accomplishment."
Mar Harman
"Fantastic, even MORE than amazing.  You should receive every possible award and many 
rewards as well." All the best,
Felix Girard
"This is a really interesting project - never heard anything quite like it." 
Janis Ian 
"enchanting, ethereal and wonderfully creative. As someone who has written/produced musical theater 
for young audiences, (My Perfect Pet, NYMF 2012) this piece has such tremendous potential"
Jeff Eisenberg

"Tonight I am listening to "What Dreams Are Made Of" by AODE. It is basically a CD about a fantasy world in which the band AOEDE travels into another world and becomes the muse of this imaginary world. It is absolutely brilliant and creative both from a musical and audio theatrical standpoint! It has a very 'musical' type of setup to it. I think they should consider getting a touring theater company to put this on stage! Although it was writen for children, I think it is enjoyable by all ages! It has a 'Lord of the Rings' type of mood to it, but much different with an awesome story line. I am very impressed by both the musical diversity and excellent performances by the musicians. There are so many different styles of music, and the actors are just as good as the musicians. This CD is a wonderful work of art! If you want to 'escape' our real world and enter a very cool and awesome imaginary world created by AOEDE, buy this CD!"
Kevin Lucas

"This project is very creative and unique! I really enjoyed the theatrical interpretation, the music, and the wonderful production. Kudos to everyone who participated in this project, and thank you for sharing, Lisa!"

"What an absolutely creative way to tell a story with the various characters and your music intertwined. The physical album presentation is very impressive too, nice job all around!"
Kevin Mongelli

"I love the story you've created with the narrations and additional components! Congrats! I definitely think this album is unique and wonderful."
Malynda Hale

"Dreams are made of music like this."
Steven Carillo

"This is an awesome job. The voice-overs and backing music are awesomely arranged."

"Wow, your CD is very dramatic I was transported to a whole Broadway production, YES my minds eye goes to many places, I loved it! I love how you guys open this story, defining the dream world. I listened to the whole story today and it was definitly worth the listen and the journey was HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL!"
Julia Santana

"I really enjoyed checking out the musical truly amazing well done :)"

"great storyline, loved it"

"Could hear this in a theatre for sure. :) Do you have any videos? "
Charlie-Win The Day

"Very creative Aoede, they should have a category for the most creative, you would win that GRAMMY too! I wish you the very best in your endevors to win a GRAMMY for this album!"
Andy Rogulich

"Wonderful Imagery Aoede! As young ones, our boys SO enjoyed story CD's when settling down for bed. Kind of a mini-Harry Potter :)"
Miss Amy

"Hey. Just gave a listen....quite the vivid picture. Much success and talk soon."
Cecil Parker

"Very creative! It could imagine it working well with an animation or claymation short! I really liked the continuity of the tracks, and the accents were really neat! The music and narration flow together really nicely, too"
Alek-A Train Orchestra

"so creative and takes to another world"

"PURE AWSOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like it different."
James Safiya

"Fun Aoede! Many congrats to you for a colorful and interesting narration and story. I hope it helps to turn nightmares into good dreams!"
Deborah Johnson

"GREAT production - and great way to listen to it, you made it very easy, i love that! really also liked the approach on " the dark side " in terms of production. great work written all over that i'm glad to support."
Al Walser


"I love your album. It is really well done. This is the best childrens album I have heard. I really like it and I congratulate you."
Mike (DrMike TicTocDoc)

"We played the whole album on full volume.. and first impressions- WOW.. loved the story telling aspect. This category is all about ALBUM and not singles.. and you have NAILED that aspect. Yours is an ALBUM and not many singles put together."
Ricky Kej

“I listened to your CD and think you have created a wonderful adventure in music and storytelling for children that should keep them singing as well as sitting on the edge of their seats with interest and excitement.”
David-The PapaHugs Band

“Just gave a listen to "What Are Dreams Made Of". Amazing production. Great dramatic storyline. Your voice sounds beautiful, as always. The bookend first and last tracks are standouts, also like Michael's work on Chocolate Nectar... Fantastic Trip!"
John Maellaro

"You have a wonderful singing and spoken word voice. The subject was very interesting. Everyone wonders what dreams are, from childhood to adulthood. The storyline was very creative and keeps one attention. I found myself making up my own music video in my mind as I listened to the pieces."
Alan Storeygard

"I just listened to the whole thing all the way through, and absolutely love it. Very exciting, and empowering… we do indeed create our own dreams and realities. Two of the tracks that really jumped out at me were Phobeter - Chocolate Nectar, and Dreamyard I Choose the Muse. Wonderful music, along with your story, which is quite exciting too… I imagine this is perfect for pre-teens/teens…."
Laura Sullivan

"'The Bad Seeds' is a fun dialogue, and 'Dept of Dreams' is pretty funny :)"
Jacob Horowitz

"Pretty cool record! I was expecting an all music album and was pleasantly surprised that it is like a series of radio shows. Good work."
Paul Speer

"I love it!! I could listen to The Dark Side over and over again!!"
Kevin Mackie

"I just listened to your first two tracks, and I'm hooked!"
Michael Lewin

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